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The last development and the last range of the 2022 Av-Boards collection is the Wing range with 4 new shapes: 5’2’’x25’’x 75 lt, 5’5’’x26’’x 95 lt, 5’8’’x28’’x115 lt, 5’10’’x 30x 135 lt. Aurelio Verdi experimented and developed all the small details useful to get planning earlier, take off earlier, to have better maneuverability, better comfort in navigation, softer landings during touch down and quicker take off. The shape is compact, with a thin nose and plenty of volume under the feet, but moderate width, in order to enhance the manoeuvrability.The deck shape is full concave for a better control and comfort and the concave is even deeper under the rear foot, to have an almost direct connection with the foil mast.

The bottom shape features 4 concaves and bevels on the rails to emphasize the control during the touch down. The scoopline and the shape around the foil boxes is completely flat, with deep steps around this flat zone toward tail to help and give support during maneuvers and jibes. The step on the tail is very important for faster take off. 75 lt and 95 lt are full sandwich 90Kg/m3 with biaxial carbon 150, while 115 lt is full sandwich and glass. The board is designed, developed and made for riders looking for a board to jump and to evolve their technique. the 135 lt is a beginners board, so is a full glass construction, to keep it light and accessible for everyone. This size features also a mast track on the deck, so this board can be used also as windsurf foil.


75, 95, 115

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