GA-FOIL HYBRID 2000 FREE Coming Soon..



Wing Foil Set

Mast: 85 cm

Fuselage: 72 cm

Front wing: 2000 cm2

Back wing: 303 cm2


Hybrid Foil

Wingfoiling – Set


The Hybrid Foil with Double US Plate adapter offers all-round performance and the freedom to customize the foil according to your individual requirements. A smooth and extremely early take-off, control in the air and a lot of performance potential provide both novices and advanced foil riders with the right setup for their flight. You can choose between an 85cm and 72cm CNC milled aluminium fuselage for either increased ease of use or higher performance and agility. Depending on your setup the Hybrid Wing Foil Set allows you to cruise in almost non-existent winds, but also to race in extremely high-wind conditions. The 85cm aluminium mast with incredible lightness and rigidity makes the Hybrid Foil a cost-efficient foil set with enormous performance potential.

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