SimmerStyle BLACKBIRD SURF -20%

Prezzo: € 960

Listino: 1199 €

Taglia: Medium

Mast: Alu 75

Fuselage: Alu 65

Front wing: Carb. 1600

Stab.: Carb. 310

A very efficient foil for Surf, Wing, and/or Windfoil.

The carbon front wing features a generous surface area, creating superb lift into flight mode, even at lower speeds. The Surf foil is available with three different options; large, medium or small. A shorter fuselage creates excellent maneuverability and very fluid performance in the surf. The 75 cm mast provides a lower center of effort for a more controlled flight.

Get going quickly and keep riding with the Blackbird Surf 75.

Delivered with: Transport bag, fittings and Torx tool.

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