Starboard TOURING M inflatable

Prezzo: € 650


Listino: 750€

Misure: 12’6”x 30



Starboard Touring Zen (gonfiabile)
Touring SUP

Looking for a SUP for going long distances? Then be sure to include the Starbour Touring Zen in your orientation. Suitable for all beginner and recreational suppers.

With a length of 381cm, width of 76cm and 351L of volume, we can conclude that the Touring Zen is a fast, maneuverable and stable SUP. Take it to canals, lakes or other calm water and explore the location from the water. The advantage of this SUP is that it keeps its own course thanks to its shape and length. This combined with its light weight makes it a top choice for suppers between 55 and 110 kilograms.

L’offerta contiene: sup, pompa, leash, pagaia divisibile e regolabile, pinna e zaino con ruote.


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